My Clients

Who I Serve
I typically serve cemeteries, special districts with $1 million or more in assets, and non-profit or for-profit organizations with $1 million or more in assets.  No matter the client, they all find preservation of capital with secondary return to be important objectives.  I also specialize in bonds, providing guidance on more than $100 million in individual bond portfolios.

Our Relationship
When building our relationship, we will first have an appointment where we simply get to know each other and determine if we will be a good fit.  If the answer is yes, then I will ask for statements and schedule a second appointment. 

Our Meetings
I like to keep in touch with my clients through monthly phone calls or e-mails.  I also enjoy attending conferences and being an active member of the associations in which my clients belong.  My goal is to meet with you quarterly to review your financial picture and discuss periodic performance reports with you.  During the first half of the meeting, we will review market commentary and forecast updates.  Once that is completed, I hope to hear about your personal life – your children, vacations, jobs, etc.  These meetings can be done in person, by phone, or via Zoom.