My Approach

As most of my clients have already made their money, I tend to take a conservative approach to wealth management.  It is my job to seek ways to mitigate risk, create strategies that are designed to preserve wealth, and help clients transfer that wealth in the most tax-efficient manner possible.  I focus on developing customized strategies that seek to generate income with a reasonable return. 

While most of my accounts are fee-based through advisory services, I also serve clients who prefer to remain transactional through brokerage services.  Information on the differences in these services, including costs, is available in Stifel’s Form CRS, available at  I pride myself on employing a simple and easy-to-understand fee structure.  You have a right to know exactly what you are paying and how it is computed. 

When considering costs, it is important to note that one size does not fit all.  For example, there are many cases where it is in the client’s best interest to maintain a transactional (commission /sales charge based) account vs. a fee-based account.  This can be especially true for accounts that hold large fixed income positions in the current low interest yield environment.  For fixed income investors who hold portfolios of short term laddered bonds, I have found that paying ongoing management fees, even at reduced institutional pricing, is often costlier than buying bonds and holding them until maturity. I take great care to provide personalized guidance that is in the best interest of the client based on an in-depth understanding of their needs and trading behavior.  Additionally, Stifel reimburses all account transfer fees.